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Friday, August 14, 2009

UConn 45th in merchandise sales.

Got this release today.

I thought UConn might be higher.

The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), a division of IMG Worldwide, announces its annual list of top-selling institutions and manufacturers. These rankings represent royalties reported July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009 on all collegiate merchandise sold.

UConn is 45th.

I bolded all of the Big East schools, including Notre Dame, which I understand gets the majority of its revenue from football-related gear.

Here is the list.

Top-75 Universities
(1.) The University of Texas at Austin
(2.) University of Florida
(3.) University of Georgia
(4.) Louisiana State University
(5.) The University of Alabama
(6.) University of North Carolina
(7.) The University of Michigan
(8.) The Pennsylvania State University
(9.) University of Notre Dame
(10.) The University of Oklahoma
(11.) University of Tennessee
(12.) Auburn University
(13.) University of Kentucky
(14.) University of Wisconsin
(15.) University of Arkansas Fayetteville
(16.) Florida State University
(17.) The University of Kansas
(18.) West Virginia University
(19.) University of Illinois
(20.) University of Nebraska
(21.) University of Missouri
(22.) University of South Carolina
(23.) Clemson University
(24.) University of California, Berkeley
(25.) Purdue University
(26.) Texas Tech University
(27.) University of Miami
(28.) Oklahoma State University
(29.) The University of Arizona
(30.) University of Minnesota
(31.) University of Washington
(32.) University of Louisville
(33.) Duke University
(34.) Oregon State University
(35.) University of Maryland
(36.) Kansas State University
(37.) Washington State University
(38.) The University of Virginia
(39.) Syracuse University
(40.) Georgia Institute of Technology
(41.) University of Pittsburgh
(42.) University of Colorado
(43.) University of Mississippi
(44.) Stanford University
(45.) UCONN
(46.) Brigham Young University
(47.) University of Utah
(48.) State University of New Jersey
(49.) Boise State University
(50.) University of Cincinnati
(51.) Fresno State University
(52.) Boston College
(53.) University South Florida
(54.) East Carolina University
(55.) The University of Memphis
(56.) The University of Montana
(57.) Georgetown University
(58.) United States Military Academy
(59.) Texas Christian University
(60.) Colorado State University
(61.) University of Central Florida
(62.) Vanderbilt University
(63.) University of Nevada
(64.) The University of Wyoming
(65.) Marshall University
(66.) The University of New Mexico
(67.) Villanova University
(68.) University of Houston
(69.) Gonzaga University
( 70.) United States Air Force Academy
(71.) Northwestern University
(72.) Texas State University San Marcos
(73.) Baylor University
(74.) University of Delaware
(75.) Marquette University


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