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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Final Stealth installment

Thanks to Steve Kirck for sending us updates.

Sunday, August 15

Stealth 8, Michigan 1

We boarded the team bus for our final game of the season. In many ways, what started with winter workouts in January seemed like a few weeks ago. In some ways, it seemed like a lifetime ago.

So much has happened since the Stealth trudged through the snow in January to playing in the humid heat of Puerto Rico. A group of ten-year old kids, some of whom didn’t know each other, grew into a family and grew up before our eyes.

The kids didn’t probably realize this was the last game of the season, maybe even the last game some would ever play together as who knows what the future holds.

They just wanted to win. It was a long trip and the last thing anyone wanted was a winless road trip.

The Stealth were too proud and too good to let this happen. After falling behind 1-0 in the top of the first, the Stealth played, well, Stealth like for the first time in Puerto Rico.

The end result, a tidy and sweet 8-1 win, a game where everyone contributed in some manner.

Nick Copenhaver allowed only three hits and struck out seven in a complete game win as the Connecticut Stealth defeated Michigan to finish in 7th place in the AABC World Series.

Jack Nolan had two hits, a double and triple, two RBIs and a run scored. Shamar Jackson added two hits and two runs scored while Tre Breland scored twice and singled.

Brendan Kirck gunned a runner out at home from his shortstop position. Ron Gibbs almost hit it over the center field fence. The outfield of Shamar Jackson, Kyle Pavone, Jay Brennan, Luke Larkin, and Ray Flores made all the plays. CJ Kuselias was flawless at second base as was Jack Nolan and Tyler Osbourne at the hot corners.

The Stealth completed their season with a 50-4 record. A first year team, 50-4. A great season. 7th place out of 1200 teams and a trip to Puerto Rico. Who’d have thunk it? The best part. It wasn’t a dream. It was reality.

7 p.m.
The Stealth attended the closing ceremonies as a team. They received medals, a goody bag, along with the other teams. A fireworks show ended the tournament. Congratulations to the Carolina, Puerto Rico team that won the championship.

Monday, August 16
The Stealth family awoke early again (5 a.m.) for one final police escort bus ride back to the airport for our return trip home. We arrived at JFK around 2:30 p.m. and arrived back at Hamden Hall around 6 p.m.

To be honest, the best aspect of Stealth 2010 had nothing to do with baseball. Sure, it is a talented group of players who loved baseball, worked hard, achieved success, and won some games. Ok, a lot of games.

The best part of Stealth 2010 was that 10 kids from the New Haven area learned about team work, camaraderie, became great friends, and learned that if you work hard, do your job, and believe in one another, great things can, and usually, do happen. What a life lesson at an early age.

Better yet, Stealth 2010 made memories that will last a lifetime. There is no doubt that a gritty bunch of 10-year olds will some day in the future, tuck their son or daughter into bed or have their grandchild sitting on their lap and tell the story of the summer they went to Puerto Rico to play baseball.

The story will probably have them finishing better than 7th and they’ll have hit 4 home runs. But, the bottom line is they will remember the police escorts, swimming in the pool and ocean and playing baseball with their friends in Puerto Rico.

As I get older, I have come to realize that life is about creating memories. For 10 Stealth families, Puerto Rico and the summer of baseball 2010 created memories that will last a lifetime. And that is way more important than hitting a fastball, stealing second base or catching a flyball.

Congratulations to the 2010 Stealth team. You won tournaments in Connecticut, Delaware, Long Island, rallied to win the state tournament in your last at-bat and breezed through regionals undefeated and earned one of eight berths in the Willie Mays AABC World Series in Puerto Rico.

Your coaches and your family are PROUD of you.

Nicholas Copenhaver P/SS (North Haven)

Tre Breland C (Hamden)

Jack Nolan 1B (Woodbridge)

CJ Kuselias 2B (Hamden)

Brendan Kirck SS/3B/P (Hamden)

Tyler Osbourne 3B/P (Hamden)

Luke Larkin LF (Woodbridge)

Shamar Jackson CF/LF/1B (Hamden)

Kyle Pavone SS/CF (Hamden)

Jay Brennan RF (North Haven)

To see pictures from the 2010 Stealth season, please visit


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