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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Boz headed to New Haven

One of the best things the people at the Walter Camp Football Foundation have done of late is honor 25th anniversary teams, inviting those that were honored a quarter century ago back to New Haven.

This year thus far three former players have committed to attend the event, including former Oklahoma standout Brian Bosworth. His NFL career was far from memorable, but for a time, when he was in college and just starting in the NFL "The Boz" was one of the great characters of sports.

Must admit this poster was on my dorm wall in college. My roommate was a big Seahawks fan. Was a little surprised to see it starting for $49.99 on EBAY

Also committed from that class of 1985 are Napolean McCallum and Tony Casillas. David Fulcher, last year's Alumni award winner has been a staple at the event the past several years, so expect him to return.

Several other alumns, including Tony Dorsett, who usually makes an appearance at the Saturday dinner, are expected to attend.

No word yet if Bo Jackson, who is a member of the 25th anniversary team, will be in attendance, though the Walter Camp people have been in contact.

Maybe Bo and Boz can do a little goal line stance at the Yale Commons if Jackson shows up.

The Walter Camp Weekend is Jan. 13-15.

For more information visit the Walter Camp web site



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