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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top Talent in the City

Albertus Magnus will showcase some of the top basketball recruits in the country this weekend:

The National Prep Showcase will be coming to New Haven, Connecticut and Albertus Magnus College from Friday, November 21st to Sunday, November, 23rd. The tournament is widely considered to be the premier prep school event in the country and features all of the top prep school teams from around the United States and Canada as well as many of the top ranked individual players in the nation.

Current NBA players including Michael Beasley and Tyreke Evans have played in recent National Prep Showcases and this year’s event includes the top ranked sophomore in the national class of 2012 Andre Drummond and consensus top ten ranked senior in the country Will Barton.

Drummond, a Middletown native, joins a slew of other players with Connecticut roots including: Dominique Langston (Bridgeport) from St. Thomas More; Tyler Olander (Mansfield) from Worcester Academy; Danny Lawhorn (Hartford) from South Kent; Lenzie Harrison (Danbury), Luis Medina (Hartford), and Andre Henry (Middletown) from Lee Academy; and Anthony Ireland and Joe Bozzuto (Waterbury) from Winchendon.

Tickets will be available at the door throughout the weekend.

Tournament Schedule

Friday, November 20th

12:00p.m. St. Thomas More School (CT) vs. Lee Academy (ME)
1:45p.m. Notre Dame Prep (MA) vs. Hargrave Military Academy (VA)
3:15p.m. South Kent School (CT) vs. Mack Academy (NC)
5:00p.m. Winchendon School (MA) vs. Massanutten Military Academy (VA)
6:30p.m. Proctor Academy (NH) vs. Wilbraham & Monson Academy (MA)
8:00p.m. Northfield Mount Hermon (MA) vs. Fork Union Military Academy (VA)

Saturday, November 21st
9:00a.m. Lee Academy (ME) vs. Massanutten Military Academy (VA)
10:45a.m. St. Thomas More (CT) vs. Fork Union Military Academy (VA)
12:30p.m. Bridgton Academy (ME) vs. Hargrave Military Academy (VA)
2:15p.m. Winchendon School (MA) vs. Mack Academy (NC)
4:00p.m. New Hampton School (NH) vs. NIA Prep (NJ)
5:45p.m. Notre Dame Prep (MA) vs. Champlain St. Lambert (CAN)
7:30p.m. Brewster Academy (NH) vs. Worcester Academy (MA)
9:00p.m. Maine Central Institute (ME) vs. Kiski School (PA)

Sunday, November 22nd
10:00a.m. Brewster Academy (NH) vs. NIA Prep (NJ)
11:45a.m. Bridgton Academy (ME) vs. Tilton School (NH)
1:30p.m. Northfield Mount Hermon (MA) vs. Maine Central Institute (ME)
3:15p.m. South Kent School (CT) vs. Champlain St. Lambert (CAN)
5:00p.m. New Hampton School (NH) vs. Kiski School (PA)
6:30p.m. St. Andrew’s School (RI) vs. Blair Academy (NJ)

Top Players in the Field

Blair Academy – (NJ)

Jesse Pritchard, 6’5”, SF, 2010 – Committed to Yale

Hakeem Harris, 6’0”, G, 2010 – Recruitment from Stanford, Virginia, Vanderbilt

Brewster Academy – (NH)

Will Barton, 6’6”, SG, 2010 – Committed to Memphis

Austin Carroll, 6’4”, G, 2010 – Committed to Rutgers

Melvin Ejim, 6’6”, SF, 2010 – Committed to Iowa State

C.J. Fair, 6’8”, F, 2010 – Committed to Syracuse

Richard Peters, 6’10”, PF, 2012 – Committed to Oklahoma

Naadir Tharpe, 6’0”, PG, 2010 – Recruitment from B.C., Providence, Indiana, W. Forest

Maurice Walker, 6’10”, C, 2010 – Recruitment from Pitt, Kansas, UConn, Marquette

Hargrave Military Academy – (VA)

Dominique Ferguson, 6’9”, F, 2010 – Committed to Florida International

Isaiah Epps, 6’1”, G, 2010 – Committed to Pittsburgh

Lorenzo Brown, 6’4”, SG, 2010 – Committed to N.C. State

Shawn Kemp, 6’8”, PF, 2010 – Committed to Alabama

Mardracus Wade, 6’2”, G, 2010 – Committed to Arkansas

Lee Academy – (ME)

Maxie Esho, 6’8”, F, 2010 – Committed to UMass

Mack Academy (NC)

Tahj Tate, 6’3”, G, 2010 – Recruitment from Auburn, Georgetown, Xavier, Temple

Maine Central Institute (ME)

Tyshawn Bell, 6’7”, SF, 2010 – Recruitment from Georgetown, Indiana, Missouri

New Hampton School (NH)

Evan Smotrycz, 6’9”, F, 2010 – Committed to Michigan

Brady Heslip, 6’2”, PG, 2010 – Committed to Boston College

Jordan Laguerre, 6’1”, G, 2010 – Recruitment from UMass & Providence

NIA Prep (NJ)

Shaquille Thomas, 6’7”, SF, 2010 – Recruitment from Syracuse, Vir. Tech, Seton Hall

Northfield Mount Hermon (MA)

Aaron Cosby, 6’2”, G, 2010 – Recruitment from Pitt, Ohio St, Indiana, Oklahoma State

Majok Majok, 6’8”, C, 2010 – Recruitment from Alabama, Virginia, Stanford, Harvard

Notre Dame Prep (MA)

Antonio Barton, 6’2”, G, 2010 – Committed to Memphis

Ron Giplaye, 6’7”, PF, 2010 – Committed to Providence

Jordair Jett, 6’2”, PG, 2010 – Recruitment from Marquette, Arkansas, Baylor

Proctor Academy (NH)

Grandy Glaze, 6’6”, F, 2011 – Recruitment from Iowa State, West Virginia, UNLV

South Kent (CT)

J.J. Moore, 6’6”, SF, 2010 – Recruitment from Louisville, Pittsburgh, St. John’s

Jesse Morgan, 6’5”, SG, 2010 – Committed to Seton Hall

Russsell Smith, 6’2”, PG, 2010 – Recruitment from Auburn, Baylor, N. Dame, Rutgers

St. Andrew’s (RI)

Michael Carter-Williams, 6’3”, G, 2011 – Recruitment from Syrcuse, Villanova, Pitt

Ricardo Ledo, 6’6”, SG, 2012 – Recruitment from Kansas, Florida, BC, Prov, UConn

St. Thomas More (CT)

Andre Drummond, 6’11”, C, 2012 – Recruitment from UConn, Florida, Louisville, UNC

Byron Allen, 6’2”, G, 2010 – Recruitment from West Virginia, Maryland

Dominique Langston, 6’3”, SG, 2010 – Committed to Quinnipiac

Tilton (NH)

Gerard Coleman, 6’3”, SG, 2010 – Committed to Providence

Winchendon (MA)

Markus Kennedy, 6’9”, C, 2010 – Committed to Villanova

Angel Nunez, 6-7, SF, 2011 – Recruitment from UConn, Arizona, Arkansas, Louisville

Khem Birch, 6’9”, PF, 2012 – Recruitment from Providence, UMass, Indiana, Kansas

Worcester Academy (MA)

Tyler Olander, 6’9”, PF, 2011 – Recruitment from UConn, Notre Dame, Marquette


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