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If it has to do with New Haven and sports, you'll read about it here. Yale, Quinnipiac, New Haven, Southern Connecticut, Albertus Magnus, high schools, the New Haven Open, and Walter Camp to name a few. Plus we'll give you a look at the best to see each day.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some online additions

Hoping most of you have seen the additions we've made to our web site in the last couple of months, but in case you've missed them, here's a closer look.

We hope you enjoy them and you have other suggestions feel free to comment here or send me and email at

-- So what happened on this date in sports, both locally and nationally. We're posting the daily AP version of on this date and have added what happened locally 10, 20, 30 and 40 years ago. We've found some pretty interesting tid-bits so far, and it should get even better when we get to the fall with a look back at all the high school action. Who knows, maybe you're name will show up. Today's can be found here.

-- Dave Solomon provides a podcast each Thurday morning. This week's can be heard here.

You'll be able to listen to more podcasts this fall as several writers will be offering views on the sports they cover.

-- Average Joe, aka golf writer Joe Morelli, has been playing against local pros and writing about it for several years now. This year we've added video and Morelli has actually stepped up his game.

You can see Joe take his best swings each Thursday. This week's can be seen here and we also try to add a tip from a local pro each week. This week's can be seen here.

-- Looking for camp, clinic or tryout, they are listed every day. Today's is here

-- Golf tournaments can also be found daily, and here's a link to today's version.

-- If you want to submit information for either the camps, clinics and tryouts, or for golf tournaments, please send to with subjects of either local announcements or golf tournaments.

-- Looking for the latest fishing report. We post the weekly DEP reports here.

-- There's more to come. We're going to have a page dedicated to the Pilot Pen Tennis tournament, as well as ones for high school football and boys and girls soccer.

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